New Hampshire GOP congressional candidate Andy Martin formally files for September primary

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New Hampshire First District congressional candidate Andy Martin has formally filed for the September primary

Andy Martin strongly supports President Trump’s reaction to abusive behavior by the Philadelphia Eagles

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(MANCHESTER, NH)(June 11, 2018)

Dear New Hampshire Citizen:

Last week I formally filed my Declaration of Candidacy with the secretary of State to compete in the September primary for the GOP First District nomination.

This is the first of a series of regular letters that I will send you during the campaign to let you know what’s happening, to let you know what I am thinking and to ask for your opinions and advice. In this letter I [1] want to let you know why I am running; [2] discuss some issues which are “housekeeping” matters; [3] ask your opinion on one matter and [4] give you my thoughts on President Trump’s cancellation of an invitation to the Philadelphia Eagles football team.

1. Why I am running

The basis for my campaign can be reduced to a single word: experience. If you evaluate the qualifications of my opponents and compare them to my own, I believe you will agree that I am the most experienced candidate in the race and probably the only one that can “take the battle to the Democrats.”

A. I have the experience to fight back against the Democrats

We know that our politics have unfortunately become toxic. While both parties are to some extent responsible, the reality is that as the Democratic Party lost support during the Obama era, Democrats became increasingly vicious in attacking Republicans. The First District is a “swing” district; it can be won by either a “D” or an “R” depending on how the candidate acts. That means the Democrats are going to unleash a fury seldom seen in New Hampshire to undermine and defeat the First District Republican candidate.

I have been tested in the crucible of being the target of personal attacks hurled at me in national politics by Democrats and occasionally even an odd Republican. So, like President Trump, I know how to fight back and I have the guts to fight back. We lost a senate race in 2016 because our incumbent senator would not fight back against the malicious attacks of her opponent. I will not make the same mistake.

My primary opponents are generally decent people. I expect a minimum of personal attacks to fly back and forth. But none of them has ever been tested when the Democratic Party unleashes all of its hell and hatred on a Republican candidate. New Hampshire Republicans have a track record of melting. I am not a “melter.” If he had not been willing to fight back, and hard, President Trump would not be “President Trump.” So, ask yourself, how bad do you want to elect a congressman and send another vote to help the president?

B. I have the experience to be New Hampshire’s voice in Washington

We face serious national security problems abroad, and serious challenges to our way of life in the United States. We are under relentless attack here at home from the Chinese government. The attempted infiltration of the Russians is well known. I have spent a lifetime studying our intelligence and national security problems. China? I studied Chinese and lived for a time in China (Hong Kong). Iraq? One of the Democratic candidates mentions “Falluja” every other sentence. I was in Falluja, alone, to analyze the mistakes that led to the carnage there. I lived in Iraq a good part of 2003 after openly and vociferously opposing the disastrous invasion of Iraq. I warned of the growing danger when the Bush administration was in La La Land. I don’t have to take a back seat to anyone when it comes to national security because I have spent more time in the worst places around the world than all of my opponents in both parties combined. That kind of experience will help to make me a strong influence in Washington, and someone who will ensure that New Hampshire’s voice and your voice is heard loud and clear.

C. I have the domestic policy experience to work for YOU

What do you want in a U. S. Representative? You want someone who will be accessible, who will run a competent office and who can get results when you need them. Many candidates “run against Washington” and claim their ignorance of the federal government is an asset. I disagree. I went to Washington a long time ago, and I have experience that comes from a lifetime of participation in national debates. I helped trigger major consumer protection policies. Take a look at for a very brief synopsis of my experience. I will not have to spend years “learning the ropes;” I will be pulling strings, for YOU, on day one. That’s want you want in a Representative, a representative who can advocate for your needs and be your voice.

2. A couple of housekeeping matters

Like President Trump, I believe in transparency as well as accessibility. You know what he thinks; you will know what I am thinking.

A. One of my opponents should issue a public apology

One of my opponents treated me very badly in the past. My opponent was trying to rig a primary in favor of his candidate, and was rude and abusive. (Like President Trump, I also have a long memory.) I am not going to mention my opponent’s name. If he issues a public apology, that will be the end of the matter. If my opponent refuses to apologize for his past misconduct, then he can expect from me what he directed at me in the past, without the rudeness of course. People are free to disagree with my views; that’s politics. But I do not accept corruption and conspiracy as attributes of a primary campaign. If you poison the well it’s hard to drink your own poison after primary day.

B. I pledge to support the winner of an honest, open primary

The New Hampshire Republican Party has a Constitution as well as detailed rules. Party leaders and organizations are required to stay neutral. People can resign their primary positions if they what to be activists, but the party by the terms of its own constitution is required to stay neutral. That rule was violated egregiously in the past.

I want to thank Chairman Forrester and Governor Sununu for breaking with the past and apparently seeking to build party unity by conducting fair and impartial primaries.

In that spirit I want to state unequivocally that if the party conducts an open and honest primary, I will support the winner without hesitation. I hope all of my opponents will make a similar, public, primary commitment and that we will not see the kinds of dirty tricks that were prevalent and prominent in the past.

3. What is your view? I’d be interested to hear

OK, now a question. In the modern era, is it appropriate to raise questions when one of your opponents is seeking, in conjunction with another family member, to accumulate significant control over both state and federal offices at the same time? One of my opponents, in conjunction with another family member, is seeking to control both a congressional seat and one of the highest positions in NH state government. Do we really want a “Bill and Hillary Clinton problem” in the NH GOP? I invite your response. I read everything and I may respond if your observations invite a reply. Let’s have an open dialogue about this issue.

4. President Trump and the Philadelphia Eagles

Over the past couple of days there has been a media hubub over President Trump’s cancellation of an invitation to the Philadelphia Eagles to visit the White House. It has been a long tradition of this nation that winning sports teams receive a White House invitation. No one has a “right” to be invited to the White House, and no one has a right to abuse or harass the president. The Eagles reported that approximately 80 members of their organization would come to the White House to be honored. Within a couple of days that contingent was reduced from 80 to approximately 10, in an effort to embarrass the president. President Trump not only was well within his rights in canceling the invitation, he would have been remiss if he did not.

Refusing White House invitations as a means of embarrassing the president began during the Viet-Nam War. That behavior is toxic and needs to stop. If the Eagles had simply said “thank you, no,” that would have been the end of the matter. But they accepted the invitation, said a large number would be attending and then at the last minute reduced the guest list by 70 people to a token, and insulting, number. The intent of those machinations was obvious and odious. I SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP.




Andy Martin is a legendary New Hampshire-based muckraker, author, Internet columnist, talk television pioneer, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. With fifty years of background in radio and television and with five decades of intelligence, investigative and analytical experience in Washington, the USA and around the world, Andy provides insight on politics, foreign policy, military and intelligence matters. For a full bio, go to:; also see

Andy has also been a leading corruption fighter in American politics and courts for fifty years and is executive director of the National Anti-Corruption Policy Institute. See also;

He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York (LaGuardia CC, Bronx CC).

He is the author of “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” [] and produced the Internet film “Obama: The Hawaii’ Years” []. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of the “Internet Powerhouse,” blogging at and

Andy’s family immigrated to Manchester, New Hampshire over 100 years ago; today his home overlooks the Merrimack River and he lives around the corner from where he played as a small boy. He is New Hampshire’s leading corruption fighter and Republican Party reformer.


Andy’s opinion columns are posted at, and

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© Copyright by Andy Martin 2018 – All Rights Reserved


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