New Hampshire’s first congressional district race explodes Thursday, June 14th with candidate Andy Martin asking candidate Andy Sanborn to withdraw because of Sanborn’s link to a grand jury investigation

New Hampshire congressional candidate Andy Martin says that State Senator Andy Sanborn is “dead on arrival” as a congressional candidate in 2018 in the wake of a second round of investigations and grand jury review of an incident involving Andy Sanborn taking place in 2013. “The Democrats are salivating at the prospect of unleashing a woman, Maura Sullivan, to attack Sanborn for failing to see a connection because Sanborn’s admitted ‘crass language’ and his unfitness to serve in congress,” Andy Martin says. “Sanborn is not a viable candidate in 2018 and he should withdraw because he creates a potential fiasco for the entire Republican ticket in New Hampshire.”

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New Hampshire’s First Congressional District GOP primary race will explode Thursday when First District congressional candidate Andy Martin urges State Senator Andy Sanborn to withdraw as a candidate for congress based on the grand jury scandal involving Sanborn and a state employee.

Announcement of Concord, New Hampshire news conference today, Thursday, June 14

June 14 Concord, NH news conference details:


GOP 1st District congressional candidate Andy Martin


Andy Martin urges Andy Sanborn to withdraw as a candidate for congress because of the scandal and grand jury investigation involving Sanborn and a public employee


Front steps of the New Hampshire State Capitol, 107 N. Main Street, Concord, NH


Thursday, June 14, 2018; 12:00 P.M.


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Andy Martin’s letter to Andy Sanborn (without letterhead):

June 14, 2018

Andy Sanborn

Dear Andy:

This is a difficult letter to write. But in the interest of New Hampshire Republicans I am compelled to ask you to withdraw as a candidate for congress in 2018. I believe the basis for your withdrawal is compelling. I further believe that if you do not withdraw, your potential presence on the November ballot could endanger Republican candidates in both state and federal races.

1. You have accused your “political enemies,” i. e. “liberal Democrats, of conspiring to defame you (Union Leader 12/9/17). But both of the investigations involving your admitted misconduct were directed by Republican senate presidents, Peter Bragdon and Charles Morse. So the claim that Democrats have been out to get you is so hollow it borders on a lie.

2. You admitted to the Union Leader (12/9/17) that you used “crass language,” apparently directed at a state employee. You then tried to minimize your misconduct, by seeking to trivialize your self-admitted crass conduct, saying “it is disgusting that anyone is trying to equate a crass joke to all the real challenges women are facing…” (Union Leader 12/9/17)

By your own admission you are unaware that the use of “crass language” is one of the most serious forms of sexual misconduct. How stupid is that? What do you think Ray Buckley’s smear machine will make of your own admissions? Your own words! Maura Sullivan will rip you to shreds.

3. Senate President Peter Bragdon opened an investigation in 2013. Thousands of dollars were paid to an out-of-state law firm to investigate. A cash envelope was handed to a state employee, the purpose, amounts and connection to you remain opaque, even after five years and two investigations. Bragdon is a Republican. Morse is a Republican. They acted because of the undeniable appearance of impropriety.

Last year Senate Chares Morse asked for a new investigation, the second one. Eighteen (18!) tapes exist. The Attorney General presented the matter to a grand jury. Vital facts are still in dispute and unresolved.

You have denied you committed a crime.

4. While I am seeking full disclosure of all evidence under New Hampshire’s Right-to-Know law and I will be moving expeditiously to ensure that release, I agree that you probably did not commit a crime. I am reserving final judgment until the tapes and evidence are released to the public. But that misses the point.

Most boorish behavior and sexual harassment is not criminal, it is a civil offense and an affront to civilized of professional behavior. The quotations attributed to you in the Union Leader show you have no idea that your behavior was despicable and unlawful as a civil matter.

5. Your misconduct cost taxpayers tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars in both outside legal fees and insider state employee time to investigate your incident twice. Assistant Attorneys General were paid, investigators had to assemble the evidence. That activity cost taxpayers a small fortune. You claim the investigations were all about nothing. Then why did the matter end up in front of a grand jury? Are you suggesting the Attorney General presents frivolous matters to a grand jury for review? The answer is obvious.

6. Nevertheless, the finding that no crime was committed is irrelevant. Your conduct does not have to be criminal to render you unfit to serve in congress. So the “I am not a criminal” defense is unavailing.

You yourself have admitted to unlawful behavior that would get you fired in the private sector. Are the New Hampshire state legislature’s morals any less exacting? They literally had to “change the rules” after your misconduct. In the law of evidence, subsequent remedial conduct (by the state senate) is evidence of prior unlawful behavior.

7. I hope you will heed my experienced analysis and withdraw or not file by the close of the filing period on June 15th. Your withdrawal, however, will not stop my Right-to-Know demands to the Senate President, the Attorney General and the Grand Jury (the grand jury’s secrecy can be overridden in a public matter such as yours). There will be no cover-up. Too many questions still remain.

8. You could also undermine your wife’s candidacy for state house speaker. That would be unfortunate. She was present and witnessed your self-admitted crass behavior. The best approach? Withdraw by tomorrow, and consider a run in 2 years when matters will have quieted down.

9. And don’t think the liberal media, the Union Leader and WMUR, will save you. Two years ago I exposed that Jim Lawrence, who claimed to be a “small businessman” had “no business” at all, because his business had been dissolved by the state. The federal government had barred him from bidding on most federal contracts, while Lawrence continued to masquerade as a government contractor. Lawrence had unpaid taxes. All of this information was basic public information and should have been presented to Republican primary voters by honest media.

But New Hampshire’s fake news media concealed the truth from voters.

The Union Leader and WMUR censored my campaign to cover up Lawrence’s misconduct. They treated a “fake candidate,” Lawrence, as though he was a serious candidate despite all of the evidence to the contrary, and they held back the evidence until it was too late for Republicans to vote against Lawrence in the primary. Then they smeared Lawrence just in time to reelect one of the wildest liberals in congress, Annie Kuster.

The same fate lies store for you. The liberal media will play possum until after the primary and then “discover” the evidence in time to elect Maura Sullivan.

Pull out, lie low and wait to see what materializes in 2020. That is your best course, really your only course, whether you want to admit it or not.


Andy Martin

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Andy’s family immigrated to Manchester, New Hampshire over 100 years ago; today his home overlooks the Merrimack River and he lives around the corner from where he played as a small boy. He is New Hampshire’s leading corruption fighter and Republican Party reformer.


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