New Hampshire First District congressional candidate Andy Martin backs the Alton, NH American Legion post in its in zoning fight with local officials

First District congressional candidate Andy Martin will be in Alton, NH Tuesday night to help the local American Legion post avoid new zoning regulations demanded by local officials. “President Trump is eliminating unnecessary regulations at the federal level; we can’t be adding them back at the local level,” Andy says. “I will carry President Trump’s message and policy to Alton: do not enact unnecessary regulatory burdens on a veteran’s lodge that is struggling financially and poses no threat to the local community.” Andy calls local efforts to declare the non-profit American Legion hall a commercial establishment ‘zoning imperialism.’ “We fought a war to avoid being regulated unnecessarily,” Andy continues. “In the Granite State we will push back against illogical efforts to commercialize non-profit organizations. This is the ‘Life Free or Die’ state.”

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New Hampshire First District congressional candidate Andy Martin will help fight to save the American Legion Post in Alton, NH from burdensome new regulations by town officials

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(MANCHESTER, NH)(June 19, 2018) When the Town of Alton, New Hampshire Planning Board meets at 6:00 P.M. this evening First District congressional candidate Andy Martin will be there to support the local American Legion post in its efforts to avoid burdensome new zoning regulations. Andy will be speaking during the public comments portion of the meeting.

“President Trump promised to get America out from under Obama’s burdensome regulations,” Andy says. “I want to be sure that we don’t enact at the local level the same suffocating regulatory policies we are eliminating at the national level.

“I don’t know why or how a veterans’ organization can be considered a commercial facility. The town’s interpretation of its zoning law is so expansive it could endanger churches as well as veterans’ organizations across the state.

“In essence, the town claims that when the American Legion purchased an existing restaurant in 2001, to use as a post, that transfer triggered a change in ‘use.’ No it did not. The town also claims that if a non-profit organization holds a ‘public’ event, the non-profit is turned into some sort of commercial establishment. Tell that to the tens of thousands of churches and other non-profits across the United States that hold functions where tickets are available to the public. The regulatory overreach of the Planning Board is breathtaking.

“Veterans’ organizations are struggling financially. Many younger veterans do not want to ‘join.’ American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) posts are mostly in financially precarious condition. Demanding tens of thousands of dollars in new regulatory compliance when these organizations purchase a new property smacks of zoning imperialism.

“I hope we can resolve matters amicably. But if the Planning Board persists in its rather rigid approach, I can foresee a landmark lawsuit. The American Legion is a federally chartered organization. If I am elected to congress, and the controversy persists, I can foresee sponsoring legislation to ‘preempt’ local regulation of veterans’ organizations properties,” Andy says. “I’m on the case, there to defend our veterans. The post’s attorney is Chuck Douglas. I’m there as a cheerleader and someone who support President’s Trump’s agenda at the local level. I’m there to see that President Trump’s national deregulatory principles are not undermined by local officials.”


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