New Hampshire news conference: Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is about to be humiliated in New Hampshire

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani faces humiliation Wednesday when he travels to New Hampshire to “endorse” a congressional candidate who is a political fraud and racial huckster that took New Hampshire taxpayers for $160,000 as well as tens of thousands of dollars in salary while he did nothing but sit back and sue the state.

New Hampshire congressional candidate Andy Martin will hold a Manchester news conference Tuesday to ask “Why is Rudy Giuliani making a fool of himself? He is coming to New Hampshire to ‘endorse’ Eddie Edwards, who has been exposed as a racial profiteer and political phony. What is Giuliani thinking? Who is advising him?”

Tuesday Martin will probably put the final nail in Edwards’ political coffin when he exposes and brings to public attention the claims of Edwards’ successor about Edwards’ miserable performance as a liquor enforcement lawman.

Giuliani is not the only victim of Edwards’ film flam campaign. Other prominent Granite Staters have all been taken in by Edwards charming personality but deeply flawed character.

Announcement of Manchester, New Hampshire news conference today, Tuesday, July 31


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New Hampshire First Congressional District GOP candidate Andy Martin will hold a Manchester news conference Tuesday to release potentially fatally damaging documentation about his primary opponent, Eddie Edwards. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is coming to New Hampshire to endorse Edwards Wednesday, but Edwards may already be road kill by then. Martin is releasing web-based research which points to criticism of Edwards by his successor, James Wilson.

“Don’t believe me,” Martin says. “Believe Edwards’ successor, James Wilson. Wilson provides a devastating portrayal of Edwards as incompetent and manipulative. Edwards apparently collected tens of thousands of dollars in salary over an extended period for doing virtually nothing but suing the state.

This is one of the biggest political scandals in New Hampshire history and until I started digging, the local newspaper and TV station had completely covered up the mess. I have proven my skills as someone who will expose waste, fraud and mismanagement in Congress; I’m already doing that job in New Hampshire. Eddie Edwards ripped off the taxpayers three ways. Today is Edwards’ last day as a credible candidate for congress. Hasta La Vista, Eddie.”

July 31 Manchester, NH news conference details:


GOP 1st District congressional candidate Andy Martin


Andy Martin humiliates former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani by releasing damaging information about a candidate Giuliani plans to endorse on Wednesday


Front steps of Manchester City Hall (park area), One City Hall Plaza, Manchester, NH 03101


Monday, July 31; 12:00 P.M. (noon)

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(Manchester, NH)(July 31, 2018) — A congressional candidate whose very existence is denied by the local newspaper and TV station will humiliate worldwide figure Rudy Giuliani Tuesday when Andy Martin exposes damaging information about a candidate Giuliani is traveling to New Hampshire to endorse on Wednesday.

Because the local newspaper and TV station deny that Andy Martin is a bona fide candidate, Martin has pledged to politically destroy his primary opponents as the only way he can gain the nomination in the first congressional district. Tuesday may mark the end of Eddie Edwards’ campaign as a credible candidate and the humiliation of Rudy Giuliani and potentially serious questions about Giuliani’s political judgment and diminished skills.

“In New Hampshire, we only have one local TV station and one formerly statewide newspaper. They routinely cover up embarrassing political news to protect the ‘establishment,’” says Martin. “I am disliked by the local media because I am a disruptive force in state politics: I tell the truth. I also embarrass the media because they do no investigative reporting and merely act as conduits for political advertisers. I present hard evidence, as I am doing today in disclosing evidence from Edwards’ own successor. I offer unavoidable truths. I am the Republican U. S. Representative New Hampshire needs in congress.

“Why is Rudy Giuliani coming to New Hampshire to endorse someone for congress who ripped off local taxpayers three ways? First, Edwards filed three complaints and lawsuits against his employer. These proceedings cost the state tens of thousands of dollars (I have a pending Right to Know request for legal bills) in outside legal fees. It is clear from the resume of Edwards’ successor, James Wilson, that Edwards collected a salary for some time while he was suing taxpayers and doing next to nothing as an agency manager. Finally, Edwards ripped New Hampshire taxpayers for $160,000 in ‘get lost’ money.

“Edwards is Rudy Giuliani’s idea of a Republican candidate? What’s wrong with Rudy? For shame, Rudy.

“I am the only candidate in either party who has a reputation as a no nonsense corruption fighter, a fighter for ordinary people, not wealthy campaign contributors. All of the other candidate dweebs in both parties in the First District promise to fight mismanagement in Washington, but I am the only one who has a decades-long history of ferreting out crooks in government and doing something about it.

“Where was Senator Andy Sanborn when Edwards was ripping off taxpayers? Sanborn was ogling Sanborn’s secretary and making what Sanborn admits were dirty jokes.

“Adding to the shame and embarrassment for prominent New Hampshire Republicans who support Edwards, Edwards has been blowing smoke in their faces while picking their pockets, the same way he performed at the Liquor Commission.

Here is what Edwards’ successor, James Wilson, says about the agency Edwards left behind:

My background as Division Director contributes to and reinforces my capacity to back these claims. As the state’s chief of liquor enforcement and licensing I turned around a dysfunctional agency, known for its endemic mistrust and self-interest, to one of shared mission and individual empowerment. The enhanced internal culture led to a much-improved public perception and operative working approach.

Martin says, “Either Jim Wilson or Eddie Edwards is lying. Edwards signed a contract (‘Settlement Agreement’) barring him from employment at the Commission. Wilson went from chief to the director of legislative relations for the Commission. Unlike Edwards, who signed a ‘not eligible for reemployment’ provision, Wilson did not. Wilson didn’t sue the Commission and he did not walk out the door being pushed all the way.

“I have provided two links as well as an attachment for convenience. If you go to link #1 you will find Wilson’s linkedin page. Click on ‘Show More’ to find the conditions at the Liquor Commission Wilson inherited from Edwards. If you click on the symbol ‘James Wilson resume.pdf,’ you will see even more searing criticism of the agency under Edwards’ management.

“It is obvious that if Wilson inherited a ‘dysfunctional agency characterized by distrust and self-interest,’ (see PDF) that was the agency Edwards left behind when he ‘retired.’ It does not appear Edwards did very much to provide value to taxpayers after he started suing taxpayers, so Edwards gleaned a lot of salary checks simply by squatting in a state agency. What an indictment of his behavior and the behavior of his superiors.

“In closing, I end as I began with two questions: First, why is Rudy Giuliani coming to New Hampshire to ‘endorse’ a candidate he barely knows and whom Giuliani hasn’t researched? Second, which story is true? Edwards’? Or Wilson’s? They can’t both be true. I believe Wilson.

“Edwards was a failure at the Liquor Commission, except in extracting money for playing the race card and collecting a big payday at the end.

“I suppose you could add two more questions: Why did the local newspaper and TV station cover up this scandal and treat Edwards as a legitimate candidate? Until I came along and blew the whistle? Finally, can you find a better candidate for congress, anywhere, who is experienced and will serve the people of New Hampshire, not the special interests, and buck the political mandarins better than me? The best reason to vote for me is the shambles Eddie Edwards is leaving behind as his campaign collapses into oblivion,” Martin will state at his news conference. “They wanted Eddie; they’re getting me.”

Had enough for one day? Well, there’s more. Attention, John DiStaso, at WMUR; it’s wake-up time: The New Hampshire Attorney General has informed Martin that later this week another pile of embarrassing documents about another of Martin’s opponents will be released. Time for you to pilfer another pile of material Martin secured for public disclosure and claim it as your own.

The new release of documents later this week concerns Andy Sanborn, who has already been exposed as a public official so toxic his own colleagues took away his legislative assistant.

Who exposed the Sanborn scandal? No surprise there, Andy Martin.

If Rudy Giuliani is “America’s Mayor,” (about which there is growing question), Andy Martin is New Hampshire’s candidate for congress, about which there is no question. Martin promised to expose and demolish his opponents because the TV station and newspaper were pretending Martin did not exist. The demolition derby is proceeding with full force. “Man working:” Andy Martin.

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