Congressional candidate Andy Martin says the New Hampshire GOP has a death wish; Martin charges former Mayor Rudy Giuliani is helping the process

New Hampshire congressional candidate Andy Martin says a cabal within the New Hampshire GOP’s leadership has a death wish. The party rigs primaries to nominate unqualified candidates, engages in blatant lies and backstabbing, and defeats its own incumbents through mismanagement and corruption. Rudy Giuliani came to Portsmouth Wednesday to rescue the sinking campaign of Eddie Edwards. Andy Martin explains why Giuliani’s support cannot revive Eddie Edwards, and why Martin is the only tested and proven campaigner to take on the Democrats in November. Martin’s views may be tough reading for his opponents, but his conclusions ring true. You decide who has the better of the argument.

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(Manchester, NH)(August 2, 2018) — New Hampshire First Congressional District GOP candidate Andy Martin says the New Hampshire Republican Party’s leadership has a death wish. Wednesday Rudy Giuliani helped the party on the path to oblivion in 2018 by endorsing “dead man walking” congressional wannabe Eddie Edwards.

“The New Hampshire Democratic Party has eleven (count’em) candidates for congress in the First District,” Martin says. (please see link #1 below). “They happily accommodate all eleven candidates at debates and forums. The result is that because all candidates have been treated fairly during the primary process, the party will come out of the primary with a unified front to face the Republican winner.

“The Republican Party: Six candidates originally filed in the First District. One candidate, Bruce Crochetiere, dropped out after mild criticism by one of his opponents, Andy Sanborn. Crochetiere’s campaign collapsed only hours after he participated in the notorious “dirty debate” sponsored by a self-destructive clique of Rockingham Republicans.

“There are now three GOP candidates actively campaigning for congress in the First District, myself, Eddie Edwards and Andy Sanborn. I have the most difficult job, winning the primary; but I am the only candidate who could win in November. My two primary opponents, who are supported by GOP insiders, are toxic and unelectable. Here are the details.

“Unlike the Democrats, who cheerfully accommodate eleven candidates, a handful of Republicans with a death wish are trying to exclude anyone but two favored candidates from attending many party functions.

Other party leaders reject the ‘Rockingham’ approach and warmly welcome my participation.

Unfortunately, self-destructive behavior has a long history at New Hampshire Republican headquarters. The ‘death wish’ approach to primaries started before me.

“The U. S. Constitution gives New Hampshire four (4) seats in congress, two U. S. Senators and two U. S. Representatives. Because New Hampshire is sharply divided politically, you might think the GOP would split 50-50 with the Democrats. You would be wrong.

“As recently as 2016 the Republicans had one Senator (Kelly Ayotte) and one Representative (Frank Guinta). GOP leaders managed to fumble away both seats.

“Rep. Guinta had transferred some family money to one of his campaigns. Why federal law prohibits mothers and fathers from giving money to their children escapes me. Guinta got entangled in the hyper-technical rules of federal campaign administration. While there was never any evidence of wrongdoing or improper intent, and at worst the money at issue belonged to Guinta’s parents, he had to pay a settlement to get federal regulators off his tail.

“The GOP was led at the time by the disastrous Jennifer Horn, who had already begun the process of ‘transitioning’ from conservative Republican to liberal Democrat. Horn, who had financially destroyed her own family with campaign finance violations when she was a candidate for congress, attacked Guinta for his questionable ‘offense.’

“Worse, Horn used her friendship with Senator Kelly Ayotte to convince Kelly she should attack Guinta. If there is one ironclad rule in politics for candidates, it is ‘don’t criticize those running for other offices.’

“From what I know of Ayotte, she was one of the nicest people in politics, polite, restrained and generally decent. But she was an ineffective campaigner.

“When the Democrats unlashed one of their most rabid attack dogs, Maggie Hassan, Ayotte’s campaign faltered. Instead of helping Ayotte and counseling her to improve her campaigning, which had included gratuitously angering conservatives, the GOP leadership allowed Ayotte’s campaign to wither. Still, Ayotte only lost by a few votes (I voted for her), mostly due to illegal student voting which is tolerated in this state. Republicans went from 50% representation in congress to zero.

Now back to the present.

“Last month, Chairman Wayne McDonald lied to me and said his committee had no role in tolerating the notorious ‘dirty debate.’ Monday of this week I learned McDonald was supporting the dirty debate sponsors and using the same slimy law firm as Rockingham County leaders to defend his own state committee. McDonald and his associates have implicitly approved Rockingham’s illegal favoritism to my primary opponents.

“Both the state and local GOP committees have rules – bylaws – prohibiting favored treatment for some candidates and not for others, an explicit promise of party leadership neutrality in primaries.

But instead of running an honest and open primary the way the Democrats are doing, McDonald and his co-conspirators are paying lawyers to defend their sleazy behavior promoting my primary opponents. That behavior can only engender post-primary bitterness. Not surprisingly, the fact that a handful of corrupt party leaders are violating their own neutrality rules does not sit well with me.

“But despite all of the roadblocks placed in the way my campaign is gaining altitude. I have effectively demolished my two active opponents.

“Andy Sanborn was considered so toxic by his state senate colleagues (all conservative Republicans, not ‘liberals’ as Sanborn falsely alleges) that for a time the senate leadership stripped him of his senate staff. The senate assistant assigned to Sanborn was disgusted by his behavior and felt uncomfortable working for him.

“In 2018, the year of ‘The Me too Movement’ fighting against sexual harassment, (please see link # 2 below) Sanborn may be the most toxic candidate in the state. But because Sanborn has been around a long time, he has a gaggle of diehard supporters who enjoy his speechifying about being the most conservative candidate in the race. Sanborn is a sure loser in November, but he may still have a slight lead in the primary.

“What wiped out Sanborn’s chances? My ‘Right to Know’ law filings with state agencies that exposed the truth about him. My legal work was quickly copied by the media. Sanborn had previously admitted he was ‘crass’ (please see link # 3) and attributed his ‘attitude’ to being a saloonkeeper politician (link # 4).

“The state’s evidence against Sanborn was painful to read and disclosed new accusations (removal of his staff assistant). More excerpts from the Attorney General’s Criminal Division files on Sanborn’s misconduct, which did not result in a criminal charge, are expected to be released through the middle of August.

Here’s a great slogan for Sanborn to use: ‘I was not charged with a crime; I’m just crass’. Imagine what the Democrats will make of a candidate who admits to being ‘crass’ with women if Sanborn is nominated.

“The other ‘death wish’ candidate is Eddie Edwards. In person, Edwards is charming; it’s hard not to like him. But Eddie is a world-class liar. He claims he was a great Liquor Commission enforcement ‘chief.’ The truth? Eddie filed three lawsuits (two administrative, one judicial) against the Liquor Commission alleging he was a victim of racial discrimination — after his bosses promoted him to ‘chief.’ Eddie spent more time litigating against his employer than he did policing.

Edwards’ successor says that Edwards left behind a ‘dysfunctional’ agency characterized by ‘mistrust and self-interest’. How’s that for a job reference from a former employer?

Here’s a great slogan for Edwards to use: ‘Send me to congress; I have already proven I can be dysfunctional and self-interested.’

What brought down Edwards? No surprise. My investigation under the Right to Know law. Once again, the media quickly copied my legal work.

“The Edwards demolition derby is just in its early stages. At my prodding, RTK law again, the Liquor Commission is preparing to release voluminous records about Edwards’ lawsuits against the agency. Edwards is probably in second place in the primary but he got a boost from someone he doesn’t know but who claims to know him. Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy’s prior visit to New Hampshire resulted in front-page tabloid coverage in New York. He came to Portsmouth Wednesday to read a prepared statement about Edwards. He had previously met Edwards for a few minutes. Unfortunately, by playing word games with the media, Rudy tried to embroil President Trump in supporting a ‘death wish’ candidate. The last thing President Trump needs is to be linked to the mismanagement and potential corruption of Eddie Edwards.

“Would Giuliani support a white candidate with Edwards’ record of mismanagement and incompetence at the Liquor Commission? Never. But in his declining years Giuliani has become a soft touch for the race card. Because Edwards is a minority, he is allowed to be incompetent and self-interested. The result: Giuliani is prolonging the agony of Granite State voters by trying to keep Edwards’ campaign alive.

“Who’s left? Why me, of course. Like Edwards and Sanborn I come with my own baggage; but unlike my opponents my enemies were stopped in their tracks decades ago. It’s hard not to get scratched up when you fight corruption. I exposed a federal judge as a crook, cocaine addict and philanderer. The judge was not happy. (My opposition later cost him a U. S. Supreme Court appointment.) The judge tried to retaliate by smearing me with lies, 35 years ago. It’s a pretty stale smear 35 years later. It usually backfires when media try that approach to discredit me.

“When the New York Times tried to revive the smear on page one of that newspaper 10 years ago, my approval and support skyrocketed. The smear backfired.

“Years ago, one of the nation’s leading newspapers called me ‘an absolutely brilliant campaigner.’ I have not lost any of my speed or sharpness. Just ask Sanborn and Edwards how they like running against me. But while fending off Edwards and Sanborn I have also developed the same kind of research against the Democrats that I used to demolish the Republicans.

“The bottom line: I have a difficult time getting the party to permit a level playing field so I can win the primary. But I am the only Republican candidate who can defeat the Democrat. I have proven I can take down my Republican opponents. Just imagine what plans I have to dismember the Democrat. The Democrats would love to run against Edwards or Sanborn now that I have exposed their inflated claims. The D’s are terrified I might win the primary and come after them with the same lethal impact that wiped out my primary opponents.

“And so, Rudy Giuliani may embarrass himself by reading from a prepared script and supporting someone he doesn’t know, but Giuliani cannot revive Edwards. Edwards is DOA.

“As for me, all I have ever asked for is a level playing field, and for party officials to live by the bylaws they took an oath to enforce, avoiding preferential treatment in the primary. Is that too much to ask? I’m trying to keep Republican Party hopes alive in November. But too many party leaders have a death wish and want to nominate a sure loser.

“Stay tuned; more documents and evidence to come.” Martin promises.

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Andy Martin is a legendary New Hampshire-based muckraker, author, Internet columnist, talk television pioneer, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. With fifty years of background in radio and television and with five decades of intelligence, investigative and analytical experience in Washington, the USA and around the world, Andy provides insight on politics, foreign policy, military and intelligence matters. For a full bio, go to:; also see

Andy has also been a leading corruption fighter in American politics and courts for fifty years and is executive director of the National Anti-Corruption Policy Institute. See also;

He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York (LaGuardia CC, Bronx CC).

He is the author of “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” [] and produced the Internet film “Obama: The Hawaii’ Years” []. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of the “Internet Powerhouse,” blogging at and

Andy’s family immigrated to Manchester, New Hampshire over 100 years ago; today his home overlooks the Merrimack River and he lives around the corner from where he played as a small boy. He is New Hampshire’s leading corruption fighter and Republican Party reformer.


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