Manchester News conference Sunday: New Hampshire congressional candidate Andy Martin accuses Maura Sullivan of being illegally registered to vote in the Granite State and exposes the backstabbing and Obama-inspired dirty dealing behind Sullivan’s move to New Hampshire

New Hampshire First District congressional candidate Andy Martin holds a Manchester news conference today, Sunday, to accuse Maura Sullivan of being illegally registered to vote in New Hampshire while she is also registered to vote in Illinois. Martin also exposes the backstabbing and Obama-inspired dirty dealing behind Sullivan’s move to New Hampshire that were the basis of the effort to force Carol Shea-Porter into involuntary “retirement.” Martin accuses Sullivan and her boy friend of a political scam.

Announcement of Manchester, New Hampshire news conference today, Sunday, September 9


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September 9 Manchester, NH news conference details:


GOP 1st District congressional candidate Andy Martin


Andy Martin accuses Obama protégé Maura Sullivan of being illegally registered to vote in New Hampshire and exposes the Obama-inspired dirty deal that brought Sullivan to New Hampshire


Front steps of Manchester City Hall (park area), One City Hall Plaza, Manchester, NH 03101


Sunday, September 9, 5:00 P.M.

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Andy Martin accuses Maura Sullivan of being illegally registered to vote in New Hampshire, and produces a certificate from the Cook County Clerk to document his accusation.

Someone at WMUR has “hacked” Andy Martin’s answers to the station’s web site questions; Andy is asking the station to correct its error

(Manchester, NH)(September 9, 2018) — Republican congressional candidate Andy Martin holds a news conference today, Sunday, to “drop a bomb” on the congressional campaign of Maura Sullivan and possibly change the course of the 2018 primary election.

Martin, who has been called one of the GOP’s premier political operatives by Sam Stein of the Daily Beast, scoops all of New Hampshire’s media with an explosive voter registration scandal and an expose that explains how Obama-inspired operatives schemed to stab Carol Shea-Porter in the back and replace her with Obama protégé Maura Sullivan.

“While Andy Sanborn and Eddie Edwards have been throwing mud pies in their sandbox,” Martin says, “my Bureau of Investigation has been busy investigating Maura Sullivan. We can now confirm that Sullivan is illegally registered to vote in New Hampshire. We can also confirm some of the most sordid backstabbing in Democratic Party history facilitated Sullivan’s ‘move’ to New Hampshire.

“If you want to know who Democrats are terrified of winning the Republican congressional primary, it is me.

“A congressman has many jobs. One of the principal assignments is investigation and oversight of the executive branch. I have shown I can assemble the best team in GOP politics today. I have earned the GOP nomination in the First District the old-fashioned way, with hard work, deep digging and a sense of where to deploy investigative resources. I will do the same in congress. I will help root out the corruption and maladministration by holdovers from Obama’s FBI and Justice Department appointments.”

In a double-barreled attack on Sullivan, Martin documents and exposes why Sullivan has not previously been voting. Martin says Sullivan illegally registered to vote in New Hampshire. In fact, he says, Sullivan currently can’t legally vote for herself on Tuesday because of her active voter registration in Illinois.

1. Why Sullivan is registered illegally in New Hampshire

“Maura Sullivan did not vote in Washington, DC in 2016 because she is registered to vote in Evanston, Illinois,” Martin charges. “I have a certified copy of a certificate of her registration in Evanston, Illinois. She registered fraudulently in New Hampshire when she failed to disclose her active voter registration in Evanston. You can’t legally be registered in two places.

“Sullivan was fully aware she was registered in Evanston, which is why she did not vote in DC. She decided to chance registering in New Hampshire and has now been caught. She can’t legally vote for herself on Tuesday without violating New Hampshire law.

2. Obama’s backstabbing and dirty dealing brought Sullivan to New Hampshire

“Barack Obama may have moved out of the White House but his pernicious influence is growing within the Democratic Party.

“Obama sympathizers want to create a de facto ‘parliamentary’ system in the United States, where Obama and his cronies use their fundraising prowess to choose congressional candidates and then impose them on states.

“In Britain, for example, the ‘Conservative Central Office’ in London vets candidates before local constituencies get to choose a candidate. Control is retained in London, not local areas.

“Likewise, Obama and his supporters are now trying to create a corps of congressional loyalists by promoting candidates such as Sullivan. They choose them, they fund them and they drop them into congressional districts where they can overpower the local Democrats.

“The tactic has backfired in New Hampshire.

“In Sullivan’s case, the facts appear to be even more tragic. Democrats are desperate to retain the First District seat. The district leans Republican, but is a genuine ‘swing’ seat.

“Obama’s people took one look at Carol Shea-Porter and concluded ‘too old, too dowdy’ to survive the expected Republican counterattack. So they ‘elected’ to remove Shea-Porter and parachuted in Sullivan to deliver the blow if Shea-Porter resisted and refused to retire. Shea-Porter decided to go voluntarily with her dignity intact, so far.

“Shea-Porter’s lingering anger and frustration at what happened to her explains why this week, on the eve of the election, her former campaign manager Susan Mayer called Sullivan a liar and carpetbagger (please see link [1] below). The interesting question is why Mayer waited so long to expose Sullivan as a liar and fraud.

“Sullivan says she campaigned for Shea-Porter in 2006, and again in 2016. Mayer says she and Shea-Porter knew Sullivan’s 2006 claims were lies. Why did they wait until the last minute to expose Sullivan if they knew she was a liar? We can’t confirm yet if the same applies to the 2016 claims.

“It is obvious that some Democrats knew that Shea-Porter was forced out by the prior threat of a primary. She did not fortuitously decide to ‘retire.’ But who knew about the backstabbing scheme, and when did they know? We are still investigating.

“Obama’s plan to control congressional candidate selection from Washington terrified local New Hampshire Democrats. To a person they have all rejected Sullivan and endorsed Chris Pappas, with the exception of Shea-Porter who endorsed her chief of staff to replace her. That Sullivan received a unanimous cold shoulder should show you someone ‘knew’ something about the dirty dealing and backstabbing going on in Washington.

For months Democratic candidates kept quiet about “Sullivan’s Shenanigans.” Only Martin exposed Sullivan for what she is, an out of state carpetbagger and Obama stalking horse. Now, late in the day, Terence O’Rourke has started attacking too. He has posted a lengthy screed (please see link [2] below) accusing Sullivan of a premeditated move to Portsmouth.

“Sullivan says she came to New Hampshire to have her babies,” Martin asks. “Well, where are they? A year and a half later, her boy friend is still just a boy friend. It all looks like a scam and sham to me. She will be back living in Washington before Christmas if she loses the primary.”

3. Martin was the first to expose Sullivan as a fraud

Martin first attacked “Moneybags Maura” on June 11th (please see link [3] below). On June 30th Martin attacked Sullivan face-to-face at a candidates’ forum, while other D’s remained mute. On August 12th, Martin exposed Sullivan as a military fraud (please see link [4] below).

Interestingly, while other GOP candidates were focusing on each other during the primary, only Martin was directing his fire at Democrat Sullivan.

4. We believe there is more to investigate

“If Sullivan wins the primary for the Democrats on Tuesday we believe there will be more to investigate about her,” Martin continues. “We don’t want to compromise sources or methods, but our Bureau of Investigation is beavering away.”

5. WMUR flubs its own web site

WMUR solicited responses to questions from candidates, and posted them on its web site. Whose responses were fouled up? Only Martin’s. The station has been asked to expeditiously correct the matter. An apology or explanation would also be appreciated.

6. The bottom line

Andy Martin is the only GOP candidate who can win in November. It’s as simple as that. Voting for one of his opponents in the primary is voting to elect a Democrat.

If you have not yet seen the Union Leader/WMUR televised debate, here is a link:

We hope you’ll agree Martin is the only candidate who is in “sync” with First District voters.


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