New Hampshire carpetbagger candidate “Moneybags Maura” Sullivan heads to Chicago, USA’s capital of corruption

New Hampshire congressional candidate Andy Martin exposes how local fake news media in that state are being used to promote a corrupt, arrogant carpetbagger candidate, Maura Sullivan
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New Hampshire First District congressional candidate Andy Martin says Democrat Maura Sullivan may be the most corrupt congressional candidate in the U. S.

Andy Martin says Sullivan is an embarrassment to any New Hampshire Democrat who supports her

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(MANCHESTER, NH)(June 13, 2018)

Dear New Hampshire Citizen:

This is my second letter to you from my campaign, and it represents something of an expose of someone running in the Democratic primary. But from me, you get the full story, not just what the politicians want you to know.

Maura Sullivan may not be the most corrupt candidate running for congress in 2018, but she is a contender for the title.

Maura Sullivan may not be the most arrogant candidate running for congress in 2018, but she is a contender for the title.

Maura Sullivan may be the paper maché candidate that documents the dry rot in the Washington, DC-based Democratic Party.

Now Sullivan is on a trip to her real home, Cook County, Illinois, to collect money from the city that has been dubbed America’s “capital of corruption,” Chicago, after having been previously linked to some of the most corrupt elements of Cook County politics.

And behind all of her lies, misrepresentations and outright falsifications there may be an even more sinister back story that my campaign is reporting but is not yet ready to confirm.

If you believe just what Sullivan says, she has been a political-operative-in-the making since she left military service. She edits her resume to grossly inflate her background, and eliminates facts that are inconvenient. She is a protégé of Deval Patrick and Barack Obama, two people who devastated the Democratic Party and were followed by Republicans in their wake.

Many decades ago Budd Schulberg wrote a fantastic book, “What Makes Sammy Run?” in which he catalogues the career of a selfish careerist, Sammy Glick. Maura Sullivan has become New Hampshire’s own Sammy Glick, willing to lie, distort, misrepresent and do virtually anything to advance her career at whatever cost to the truth.

Last year she was living in Cook County, Illinois in Evanston. That’s no surprise. That’s where she was born and grew up. But she tries to pretend she moved to New Hampshire after she left the military. That’s a lie.

How about another whopper? She hooked up with one of the most corrupt members in congress, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, and was considered for a suburban seat. But she was rejected because she would be a carpetbagger in DuPage County, Illinois! [Please see link # 1 below] So she moved to New Hampshire. Where she claims she is not a carpetbagger. Maura is a world class liar.

She says she left the Marine Corps in 2006 and immediately visited New Hampshire to campaign for a liberal Democrat. Don’t you think it is a little strange that someone just out of the military and heading to graduate school would claim to have been an activist instead of applying herself to her studies? She says she campaigned again in 2008 for Barack Obama in New Hampshire. Sullivan has been a Deval Patrick/Barack Obama a stooge her entire non-military life and they have rewarded her with political patronage appointments. That the truth about her. Nothing more.

It’s no secret that I believe that the “news” in New Hampshire is largely fake news propagated by Democratic Party operatives masquerading as conservatives or “Journalists.” Sullivan told gullible reporter Kevin Landrigan she was in a “position of leadership” in the VA. [see link #2 below] Sullivan was a junior political appointee at the VA, not a senior executive.

Sullivan told liberal stooge John DiStaso at WMUR [please see link #3 below] that “I was honored to be appointed by President Obama to help run the VA when it was in crisis…” Help run the VA? If anyone applying for a job inflated their resume that way they would not be considered because of grossly inflating their job history. But, OK, if you take her at her word, she managed to become an Obama stooge in Washington who later moved home to Evanston, Illinois. What qualifies her to claim she is a New Hampshire expert?

She also told DiStaso (in the same prepared statement) that [David Axelrod] [is trying] to rise above the polarization in our politics.” I have known David Axelrod for 38 years; Axelrod in the source of our polarization, not a solution. He promoted a manifestly unqualified phony for president and walked out to cash in before the roof fell in on Obama and voters rejected his successor. David Axelrod has sown more division and more dirty tricks in politics than anyone else that comes to mind. Axelrod is a Sullivan supporter. Axelrod is speaking at the home of Christie Hefner, who initially inherited her father’s sex empire (Playboy Enterprises) and then left over disagreements.

So who else is a Sullivan supporter in Chicago? Illinois’ loony liberal Senator Tammy Duckworth. Duckworth is a Senator Richard Durbin stooge. We respect Duckworth’s sacrifice for her country, but military sacrifice is not a blank check for incompetence and mendacity. Duckworth has been a disaster at every political job she has been given, and she is a disaster for the people of Illinois in Washington.

Ironically, if you want the truth about Sullivan you can’t get it from WMUR or the Union Leader. You have to go to a liberal Democratic Party-affiliated blog that despises Sullivan. [Please see link #4 below]. The people at New Hampshire Labor News [#4} know that Sullivan is a phony who is being promoted by out-of-state money interests that want to gradually take control of the congressional delegation in this state. In fact it was the Labor News that got me looking into the real reason Sullivan moved to New Hampshire last spring. We’re still reporting that aspect of her story.

When you can get more accurate and more honest reporting from a labor-oriented blog than you can from the lamestream (fake) news media in New Hampshire, you realize why Nancy Pelosi & Co. are trying to impose a fake candidate such as Sullivan on the people of the First District. New Hampshire Public Radio has surprisingly done some interesting reporting on Sullivan (Please see link #5 below).

At the start of this letter I stated Sullivan was corrupt and arrogant. Corruption comes in many forms. It can be cash in hand of the style involving Democratic U. S. Senator Robert Menendez. Or it can be the type of corruption represented by Axelrod and Obama, who deceived the American people and destroyed our national security. Arrogance? Someone who lies with a straight face as expertly as Sullivan has been preparing a long time for the lie of her life. If you believe her claims, she and Obama were virtually running the U. S. Government when she was a lowly patronage staffer at the VA and DOD. Once again, Sullivan, like Duckworth, is trying to leverage her military service which we respect, into a blank check to commit political fraud on the people of New Hampshire.

I’ll have more to say abut Maura Sullivan, who represents a hostile takeover of the New Hampshire Democratic Party by Washington, DC-based politicians such as Nancy Pelosi.

Given the fact that New Hampshire Republicans are notorious for flubbing congressional races to liberal Democrats, I am probably the only Republican candidate who can stop Sullivan in her tracks. Stopping her won’t be easy but I can do it.

Finally, forward this letter to your Democratic friends; they will be angry when they realize how their local party is being corrupted and taken over by national political operators using “fronts” such as Sullivan to try to control another congressional seat.



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